Introducing “ter-min-US”, a documentary series that takes you behind-the-scenes with TMBT! We hope to show you what life is like for a Terminator beyond the stage from administrative functions, set building, creating, teaching, and of course dancing, the list is long for this small but mighty non-profit arts team!

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TMBT is thrilled to collaborate with Felipe Barral and IGNI Productions.

Felipe is an Emmy award-winning producer, and has received several awards including: an Emmy Award in 2016 for the Destinos Cuba show onCNN en Español; two Sentinel Awards in 2015 and 2016 for the Vive la Salud show on CNN en Español; the Dupont–Columbia Award for CNN’s coverage of the 2006 Asian Tsunami; the Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina; and the Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of the presidential primary campaign and debate in 2008. Lately he has been a guest speaker in film & TV production conferences.