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Stacy & John Crane
Kathleen Winkler

Original Music Score Commission

Ginger & Doug Pisik


TMBT resident choreographer Tara Lee’s world premiere The Poet is a story about a man who is losing his memory and attempts to hold on to what he knows through his poetry.

"My interest for this piece is to find the beauty that potentially remains in one's mind amidst the fundamental losses that come with dementia," says Lee. “Despite the fading of memory, can someone still find themselves through art and remember what is most emotionally life-affirming,” she muses. “How do loved ones connect to someone that is losing connection to them? What is the legacy of someone who doesn’t remember their own life?”

The Terminus artists and Lee are exploring these questions and how that translates to dance and film. “Dementia (and Alzheimer’s Disease) continues to be a mystery to science,” says Lee, “and we will be approaching it through art and dance, whose territory is the mysterious and indefinable.”

Created & Choreographed by

Tara Lee

Original Music Composed by

A D Kurtz

Poetry by

Kahlil Gibran

Film Directed by

Joseph Guay & Tara Lee


Joseph Guay & Cody Collins

Edited by 

Cody Collins & Tara Lee


Christian Clark, Isaiah Franklin*, Heath Gill, Laura Morton, Rachel Van Buskirk, John Welker, Abigayle Wright

*Guest dancer and Terminus School graduate

Scarlett Ray Stovall as “Young Em”

Costume Design by

Tamara Cobus

Lighting Design by

Ben Rawson

Scenic Design by

Heath Gill & Ben Rawson

Makeup, Hair and Prosthetics for John Welker by

James Weis

Drone Footage by

Brian Wallenberg

Stage Manager

Scott Wheet

Production Director

Heath Gill

Special Thanks to

Jane Blount, Cassie Clark & Restored Romantically, Regeen Kiernan Najar and Philosophical Library Inc., Jordan Wardach, KSU Dance Theatre, and

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