Scott Wheet

Scott Wheet, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, began dancing at the age of 17 following nearly a decade of studying music & theater. In 2015, Scott graduated summa cum laude from Troy University with a BFA in Dance. During his journey from academia to the present, Scott studied alongside artists including Kristin O’Neal, Germana Civera, Tracy Gilland, Dominique Angel, Kyle Abraham, Claudia Lavista, Jen Nugent, and Pamela Pietro to name a few. Since moving to Atlanta, he has worked with T. Lang Dance, Core Dance, Staibdance and Fly on a Wall as a collaborator and artist performing new and innovative works. In his free time, Scott dove head-first into the world of production, honing skills as a stage manager, electrician, and lighting designer. In 2023, Scott joined Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre full-time as Production Director; he continues to teach regular movement classes and support independent artists around the Atlanta-metro area.