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Lines of Giving

Gifts received from April 1, 2022 - October 1, 2023
Inspired by the original rail lines of Atlanta.

Founding Donor
James Weis

 Terminus Station Line · $50,000+
Bonnie & Terry Herron, Charles Loridans Foundation, David, Helen, & Marian Woodward Fund, Lynn Cochran, Pam Wakefield, Ginger & Doug Pisik 

Peach Queen Line · $25,000-$49,999
Eve Eckardt, Gail King 

Royal Palm Line · $15,000-$24,999
Mary-Campbell Jenkins & Peter Lefkowicz, Celeste Pendarvis & AJ Igherighe, Amy Gerome-Acuff, John & Rosemary Brown Family Foundation, Imlay Foundation 

Airline Belle Line · $10,000-$14,999
Stacy & John Crane, Jane & Greg Blount, Caryl & Ken Smith, David & Crystal Porter, Anonymous

Sunnyland Line · $5,000-$9,999
Jean & Rob McColl, Karen Vereb & Bud Blanton, Melissa Siegelman, Georgia Council for the Arts, Laura Turner Seydel, George Brown Fund, Danny & Donna Futrell, Kevin James,  Marilyn Altman & Daniel Gaylord, Roy and Janet Dorsey Foundation, John & Mary Franklin Foundation

Southerner Line · $2,500-$4,999
Lindsay & Chris Victor, Sandra Storrar, Janice Barton, Lalohni Campbell, Lavona Currie, Rebecca Kelly, Larry & Rita Kohse, Millie Martin, Carolyn & Michael Shapiro, Alice & Chris Thacker, Cathy Joyner, Debia & Bob McCulloch, Thomas & Karen Reed

Silver Comet Line · $1,000-$2,499
Sharyn & Denny Holmes, David & Karen Nash, Hyeyoung Kim, Anonymous, Penelope McPhee, Gail O'Neill, Jennifer Rathman, Debbie & Mark Silverstein, Anonymous, Sara and Cody Partin, Mary Brown Trust Fund of Atlanta, Anonymous, Peggy Rogers, Laura & Marks Alexander, Karen Flanders-Reid, Jim Davis & Carol Comstock, Marcia & John Donnell, Robert & Cindy Lederman, Erin & Jeff Zellmer, Vicki & Howard Palefsky, Simon Davidoff & Amy Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge, Catherine & Steven Fox, Lisa & Forrest Hibbard, Mark Kiefert, Janine Brown & Alex Simmons, Lauren Elliott, Andrea Winders, Lubing Bian, Barbara Crum, Belinda Massafra, Alice Washington, Robert Barnett, William Bishop, Juliet & Mark Cutler, Emma Lankford, Dana and Michael Sanders, Brigitte Stanfill, Carol Stockman, Helen and Peter Vantine, Angela Wo, Andy & Jennifer Coppa, Jorden Morris, Lila & Gajan Retnasaba, The Home Depot Foundation 

Piedmont Line · $500-$999
Lee Vason, Allen Yee, Atlanta Dance Medicine, Kathleen Collier, Julia & Steve Pastor, Julie Spencer, Kathleen Winkler, Rohan Bayer-Fox, Amy Vaughn, Anonymous, Stephanie Songaila, Lisa & Herb Bastin, Anonymous, Emily Harrison, Carolyn Luesing, John Hutchinson, Dana Anderson, John Beaulieu, Jill Gill, Soergel Harris Family, Shirley Irek, Anthony Marable, John Winkler, Constance Wernersbach, Jill Campbell, Anne Michaud, Lisa Judd & Jeff Frenchman, Tim Cronin & Veronika Kirk, Edward Krugman, Marilyn & Ethan Milley, Anonymous, Gajan Retnasaba, Charlotte & Patrick Lail, Carol & Paul Stockman 

Ponce De Leon Line · $250-$499
Pablo Sanchez, Chris & Kara Rozell, Anonymous, Bijal Shah & Doug Shipman, Richard W. Cohen M.D., Ciro & Carol Coppa, Anonymous, Ellen Nash, David Ross, David Posluszny, Richard & Lynda Courts, Jennifer Ritorto, Lindsay & Chris Victor, Lori Solomon, Marilyn Welker, Mia Burdette, Mary Beth Clough & Ron Collins, Anonymous 

Crescent Line · $100-$249
Anonymous, Jane Crews & Willie Libetore, Carmen & Dennis Dillard, Jean Hill, Jarrett Milton, William Sprung, Dora Manela, Mitch Pisik, Vicky Hagan, Christopher Henderson, Marlon Campbell, Judith Montier, Tamara Cobus, Anonymous, Mike Godfrey, Emmi Mathews, Anonymous, Stephanie Rosendorf, Jeffrey Freeman, Elisa Jerrold, Stephanie Rosendorf, Kyle Sager, Anne Spratlin, Stephanie Hanley, Mark Erickson, Ann Bentsen, Kim Ferrari, Nadia Fortuna, Aly Brock Haugland, Terry Lowry, Dr. Joe Massey, Mary Percy, Maya Robinson, Mauricio Rojas, Troy Schumacher, David Steinmuller, John Welker, Joe Welker, Lance & Barbara Barron, Dana Nolan, Trey Hamer, Kristin Genet, Christopher Moses, Darren Kornas, Christine Curtis, Anonymous, Esther & Jim Stokes, Christiane Pendarvis, Marion and Doug Jerrold, Rebeccah Coleman, Ann B. Rhodes, Danny Watson, Jane Logie, Holly Firfer, Anonymous,Buckingham Wealth Partner, Mark Valdez  

Sunbeam Line · $50-$99
Christian Clark, Monica Olsen, Joel Ames, Kelly Pierce, Robert Kirsch, Jennifer Hilsabeck, Bill & Diana Lerner, Karen Allen, Skye Blevins, Proteus Fitness LLC, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Hugh Latta, Raychel Sullins, Merry Janet Waldroup, Julie Watson, Joe Thomas, Mariel Reynolds, Jeffrey Freeman, Melinda May, Anonymous, Michael Boatright, Allyn St Lifer-Kooris, Penelope Brandt-Roy, Victoria Thompson, Lindsay Marrero, Kevin Holt, Larry Stewart, Manda Shankel, Berri Windsor, Raina Miranda, Camille Mashman

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Support the Movement

We believe that the art of ballet has the power to transport us to another world, to make us feel things we never thought possible. And our story is to share that magic with you and our Atlanta community.

Our dancers are some of the most talented in the world, and their passion for the art form is contagious. They pour their hearts into every performance and impart their professional knowledge into every class they teach – the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Our Impact

Company Performances: 13 original World Premiere productions and counting.
Audiences Reached: 30,000+ people and counting.
Students Served: Offered over $110,000 in scholarships and counting.

Ways to Give

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Join us in our mission to keep this timeless art form alive and thriving for generations to come by giving what you can.

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Special Events

Attend a one-of-a-kind event alongside the talented TMBT artists, including the highly anticipated annual Terminus Fête, where artistry, celebration, and creativity converge in a memorable evening of dance.

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Young Terminators

"Young Terminators," a vibrant community of young professionals passionate about ballet and the performing arts. As a member, you'll play a crucial role in cultivating a new generation of dance enthusiasts, while enjoying exclusive perks that enhance your theater experience.