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Founded in 2017, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre has quickly established itself as one of the foremost arts organizations in Atlanta, Georgia, and one of the most-watched ballet companies in the U.S.  The artist-led collective’s style brings together classical and contemporary dance forms in an aesthetic hailed as “mind-bending, breathtakingly beautiful and utterly absorbing” (Arts Atlanta).

Terminus’ works on Marquee TV include the feature-length dance film The Poet, a poignant, daring exploration of dementia and the parent-child relationship that is at once mesmerizing and moving. By contrast, Long Ago and Only Once is a playful send-up of dancers set by choreographer and Alexander Ekman protegee Ana Maria Lucaciu. Both explore film techniques and gestures that add new depth and dimension to the art form of ballet.

Through mesmerizing performances and contemporary storytelling, the dancer-led company puts forth a vision for modern ballet that is built upon the values of collaboration and innovation.

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