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Board of Directors

Under the visionary leadership of Celeste Pendarvis, the board of Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre exemplifies a relentless commitment to their mission: connecting people through the beauty, power, and humanity of dance. Their vision is to create a terminus where Atlanta's dance meets the world, fostering a vibrant and inclusive ballet community that captivates audiences and inspires artistic expression on a global scale.

As the company flourishes under their collective guidance, it continues to enchant audiences with breathtaking performances, solidifying Atlanta's position as a dynamic hub for the arts and redefining the way the world perceives and appreciates the beauty of dance.

Silhouette of dancers in poses on train track

Board of Directors ·
2023-2024 Season

Celeste Pendarvis - Board Chair
Doug Pisik - Vice-Chair
Stacy Crane - Treasurer
Lindsay Victor - Secretary

Jane Blount
Lalohni Campbell
Christian Clark
Lynn Cochran-Schroder
Tara Lee
Doug Pisik
Carolyn Shapiro
Melissa Siegelman
Amy Nelson
Caryl Smith
Rachel Van Buskirk
James Weis
John Welker