Our Partners

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre's remarkable achievements stand as a testament to the power of partnership and collaboration. Without the generous support of our esteemed partners, the company's artistic endeavors would not have reached such extraordinary heights.

These invaluable collaborations have paved the way for groundbreaking performances that have captivated audiences worldwide. The support from our partners has enabled us to push the boundaries of modern ballet, creating innovative and thought-provoking productions that resonate with people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Group of dancers arched back on grass
People dancing outdoors

Art Farm at Serenbe

A place for passionate, authentic people who yearn to have a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Contemporary university dancers

Kennesaw State University

The Department of Dance at Kennesaw State University, located just north of Atlanta, is home to the largest collegiate dance program in Georgia, offering a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in ballet and contemporary modern dance.

Ballerinas in pink and purple pose at the ballet barre

Dance Canvas

Since 2008, Dance Canvas has been an integral part of developing artistic opportunities for dancers in metro Atlanta.